Dokoupil: Zweimal drei Musketiere

Galerie Andrea Caratsch, St.Moritz. 16. Dezember 2019 – 11. April 2020.

Under the title of one of the paintings of the exhibition, Czech-born artist Jirí Dokoupil (b. 1954) shows us his new series of soap bubble paintings – colourful, vigorous and joyous. Faithful to his truly avant-garde sensibility, Dokoupil has perfected an inventive, analytical practice utilizing chemical processes to create images that are at once organic and tightly controlled. For the well-known soap bubble series, the painter has mixed his soap-lye with metallic pigments and diamond dust, allowing the bubbles to burst on the canvas and leave wispy, luminous afterimages in carefully selected jewel tones. The newest works reveal the master’s accomplishment in his artistic practice composing works of exhilarating beauty and effortless harmony.