5. Juli 2019 – 7. September 2019, Robilant+Voena, St.Moritz.

Robilant+Voena is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ettore Spalletti, born in 1940 in Cappelle sul Tavo, Italy, where he still lives and works. Known for his minimalist installations of sculptures and paintings, Spalletti employs subtle aspects of colour and geometry aiming to immerse the viewer in a full sensory experience.

Despite the fact that he came of age as an artist in Italy during the Arte Povera movement, Spalletti’s love of colour separated him from their often sombre sensibilities. Instead he found inspiration in the Renaissance frescoes of Masaccio and Piero della Francesca, from whom he borrowed the powdery blues and pinks often employed in his own work. The works on view in St. Moritz are great examples of Spalletti’s considered use of colour and form with the shaped panels highlighted by gold and silver sections executed in impasto or gold and silver leaf.

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