Chung Eun-Mo & Etel Adnan

Galleria Monica de Cardenas, Zuoz, 19. Dezember 2020 – 21. Februar 2021.

In the second level of the Galleria Monica de Cardenas, the Gallery presents two woman artists who work with abstraction: with essential shapes, color fields, rhythmical and musical compositions.

The work of Chung Eun-Mo (*Seoul 1946) is based on profound knowledge of Modernism, especially the work of the early abstractionists. Like Malevich and Albers, she is fascinated by mathematical and chromatic harmonies and the mutable effects of light on them. Born in Seoul, in the mid-1960s she moved to New York, where in 1980 she obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Pratt Institute, after which she went on to perfect her geometric painting style. Towards the end of the 1980s she lived in Ireland and Torre Orsina, Umbria. Over the last two decades Chung Eun-Mo has had many exhibitions, including solo shows in New York, Rome, Munich and Seoul, and a highly acclaimed site-specific installation at the IMMA Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin in 2003.

Etel Adnan (*Beirut 1925) is a writer and artist of Lebanese origin living in Paris and the United States. She is considered one of the most iconic figures of the Arabian diaspora and one of the pioneers of women’s rights all over the world. Like her literary research, her work in painting is free of cultural references or imposed forms: her compositions are abstract landscapes, that through the use of bright colors and controlled brushstrokes, represent the beauty of the universe and the close bond the artist establishes with it. Adnan thinks of her works as visual poems: the universal medium of painting permits her not to be constrained by the limits of language. She has had solo shows in important museums, including lMMA in Dublin (2015), Serpentine Gallery in London (2016), MoMA San Francisco (2020), and many others. (Text: Galleria Monica de Cardenas)