ECHO: Groupshow with Cao Yu, Ju Ting, Tobias Kaspar, Rebekka Steige

Galerie Urs Meile, Fuschina 79 (Eingang Tschuffa)Ardez, 31. Juli – 28. August 2021.

July 31–August 28, 2021
Wednesday–Saturday, 3–6pm or by appointment

Text by Gallery: Arranged in the Stalla Tschuffa, a vacant Engadine hay barn, Galerie Urs Meile, based in Beijing-Lucerne- Ardez, presents the group exhibition ECHO, bridging the distance between its locations. Suspending time and space, an aesthetic moment inaugurates with echoes of unique voices: Ju Ting (*1983, China) combines painting and sculpture to form novel pictorial works. On display are works from the Pearl series, for which Ju Ting applies layers of acrylic paint on top of each other. She then cuts the surface with a
carving knife to expose superimposed layers of paint. Cao Yu’s (*1988, China) interdisciplinary practice sharply reflects on the role of women and female artists in Chinese society. Her works, both provocative and self-reflective, explore our complicated relationships to the natural world, to each other, and within our desires to find meaning in our lives. Rebekka Steiger’s (*1993, Switzerland) paintings, which oscillate between abstraction and figuration, carry us into distant landscapes, while Tobias Kaspar (*1984, Switzerland) continuously explores the powerful structures of marketing and their influence on our consumer behavior. Subtly playful or concretely challenging, a chamber of resonance reveals and questions the
location of the self within appearances and being.