Galerie Central St.Moritz, St.Moritz, 20. Juni – Winter 2021.

People’s everyday lives are less and less perceived and valued. Society has reached a point where people feel the need to act a life that does not correspond to reality. Often far removed from everyday life, they publish artificial snapshots in social media to attract attention in the audience.

This trend is what the concept of narrating art aims to counteract. By using modern internet technologies such as voice messages, people can be persuaded to give authentic accounts of their everyday lives. In doing so, they provide contributions to a real biography of humanity. These audio recordings are excerpts of the present, where people reflect on their daily lives and tell uncensored stories. The source and origin of Giada Bianchi’s visual artworks lie in these personal experiences and everyday authentic experiences of a non-selective group of people. The artist condenses these contributions of diverse people into one image, from which an optical biography of humanity emerges.


Giada Bianchi was born in Lugano in 1974. After attending the Lugano School of Art, she began to work as an interior designer before working in an editorial office for journalism. Yet she never abandoned her creative passions. In 2015, she left the media sector to devote herself to searching for effective communication forms and to develop the pictorial form generated by manifesting presence as a consequence of existence. This is how the #artenarrativa (narrating art) project was born, an art based on the intent of bringing back the focus to everyday experiences, which today are often sacrificed in honour of performance that reach beyond everyday occurrences. Since 2017, she has lived and worked in St. Moritz, a place from which she broadens, disseminates and elaborates her concept of humanity’s biography.